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Here is another useful link for unit owners in how to access data to help them reduce energy bills. and look for: Online Energy Department Tool Helps Consumers Cut Bills

The Sustainable Coldspring Committee invites you to join your neighbors to:

  • Create an energy efficient community - and lower our carbon footprint

  • Lower individual and community electric and water costs

  • Improve the quality, health and sustainability of our environment

  • Live within the capacity of our natural resources

  • Protect and enhance natural areas and green space

Sustainable Coldspring Committee

Committee Co-Chairs:

Twanza Anthony

Carl McGrew

Other Committee Members include, in alphabetical order:

Libby Baker

Charlie Cooper

Frank Lee

Ursula Scheffel

Cindy Scrivener

Evelyn Speaks

Jason Sutton

If you would like to join the committee, please contact Carl McGrew.

The Sustainable Coldspring Committee was organized in Spring 2008, meeting monthly to find opportunities to reduce energy use and carbon footprint, as well as to promote a healthier environment in Coldspring Newtown. We have partnered with the CCA, 1B, 1A and Woodland Boards, and also The Waldorf School Green Committee, to initiate or accomplish the following projects:

  • Surveyed the community on Greening needs and interests in the community and developed a listserve for communication.

  • Improved garage trash room heating systems to reduce electric costs and energy use. In 3 sample trash rooms, the pipes were wrapped with insulation to prevent the heat being turned on and kept on, thereby saving energy and money.

  • Encouraged the boards to update garage light fixtures using BGE Empower MD funds, lowering costs and energy while increasing light levels. The boards did change the lights to more efficient ones through this program.

  • Experimented to reduce fertilizer and pesticide used to treat our community lawns, to decrease chemical exposure, improve lawn health and protect the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Soil testing is conducted now before treatments occur.

  • Began the recycling program at the pool of Coldsprings Swim and Tennis Club.

  • Planned for and planted free indigenous trees from the Tree-Baltimore City Greening program. High school students earned service learning credit.

  • Conducted two evening energy-saving sessions for the community along with Baltimore Neighborhood Energy Challenge -- one in winter and one in summer, with around 35 people attending each.

  • Submitted an application to the Baltimore Neighborhood Energy Challenge, under the Baltimore Sustainability Office, to become a partner neighborhood. Because of problems concerning our mayor living in the community, the application approval was delayed.

  • Drafted and submitted a Proposal to CCA with ideas for energy-saving improvements for the CSNT common space to be considered as part of the Pimlico Slots Revenue Plan.

  • Posted energy-saving and sustainable tips on the CSNT website.

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