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Cylburn Arboretum

Cylburn Arboretum is a nature preserve and city park of about 207 acres, located in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. The Arboretum's center is Cylburn Mansion, Baltimore City's horticultural headquarters and home of the Cylburn Arboretum Association, part of whose mission it is towork with the city to preserve Cylburn's historic grounds and buildings by its horticultural and educational activities.

Cylburn features a variety of gardens. The All America Selections garden, the Vegetable garden, and the Heritage Rose Garden are located behind the Mansion. Several Memorial gardens, the Butterfly garden, and the Formal garden, complement the areas around the Mansion. The Garden of the Senses is waist height allowing physically challenged visitors to touch and smell the plants easily. The Children's Garden includes a schoolhouse and bell.

Two and a half miles of trails wind through the woodlands, where native plants and wildflowers may be studied. As an environmental conservation area, Cylburn's woodland trees, shrubs and native herbacious plants are protected in their natural habitat.

Phone: (410) 367-2217

Fax: (410) 367-7112

Other Important Contact Information:

Space Rental Information and Reservations

(410) 396-0180 (7:30 AM to 3:30 PM)

Guided Tours: School Groups and all other Groups

(410) 396-7839

Cylburn's woods have been home for generations and generations of wildlife and for native and migrating birds. Birds and wildlife may be observed in this natural habitat. Cylburn offers beauty and serenity to her human visitors in an ever changing seasonal setting.

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