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The Coldspring Labyrinth

In May 2008 Mr. Paul Trattner submitted to the Coldspring Community Association Board a proposal outlining a plan to construct a Labyrinth in Coldspring Newtown. The proposal was to construct a common focus area for the communities of Coldspring, the Waldorf School of Baltimore and the Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center creating a triangle of energy representing Community, Education and Health.

Three ways of looking at the labyrinth walk:

  1. Entering the labyrinth and moving to the center is seen as a letting go or releasing of apprehensions and daily stress.

  2. The center is a place to pause, reflect and receive insight.

  3. Moving out is a time for action and renewal.

Some guide lines you may wish to follow:

  • Leave your cares at the entrance.

  • Walk in silence.

  • Clear your mind and become aware of your breath.

  • Allow yourself to find the pace your body wants to go.

  • You may pass others or allow others to step around you, at the turns.

  • At the center you can stand quietly for a time. Then follow the same path out from the center.

  • Walking the Labyrinth can be as a silent meditation, asking a question or seeking guidance

View the Coldspring Newtown Community Calendar for scheduled Labyrinth Events.

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