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Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center

An integrative approach to health care is provided at the Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center by over two dozen certified, licensed holistic professionals in private practice. Ruscombe is the oldest, free-standing center of its kind and size in North America, and their goal is to address the unique needs of each individual by focusing on the whole person, not simply the physical malady or symptom of disease.

Phone: 410-367-7300

Fax: 410-367-1961

For years, Ruscombe practitioners have introduced doctors-in-training, including medical residents, to the healing arts they practice. Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland send medical students to Ruscombe to learn about complementary medicine. Clients at Ruscombe are encouraged to try a variety of therapeutic options while pursuing wellness in an individualized way. Over 30 professionals offer treatments in Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Massage, Rolfing ®, Stress Management, Herbal and Flower Remedies, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Yoga and more.

Everyone who comes to Ruscombe has the opportunity to take part in their own recovery and maintenance of health. Individuals of all ages participate in Ruscombes health care services, including families ranging in ages from newborn infants and school children, through teen years and right on up to the grandparents. We also offer educational programs, referral services and support groups.

The Ruscombe Mansion has several comfortable conference rooms with seating from 10 to 50 and spacious rooms for movement classes or workshops. Attached kitchens, audio visual equipment for additional rental fees, and free parking. Daily and hourly rates available.

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